FallAlert™ Auto Fall Detector

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medic (2)Professionals are ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a Day – 365 Days a Year

Press the medical alert button and a distress signal is sent, over your existing phone line, to the UL approved LifeCall Response Center. This signal opens up the line of communication between the LifeCall Response Center and your home.

Personal Response System

When the high speed (2-way) connection is complete, you’ll hear the reassuring voice of a EMT operator. We immediately check on your status and, in the event of an emergency, dispatch your local EMS. Again, if needed, we’ll contact key holders/loved ones

We arm the EMS with the knowledge of any existing medical condition or issues. This information helps prepare the EMS to assist our clients effectively and efficiently when needed most. This required contact and medical information is kept strictly private.

The Medical Alert connection is so sophisticated that we can communicate with you through-out your home. There’s never a need to struggle for a phone.Let LifeCall’s FallAlert send help even if you fall
… and are unable to push your button!

FallAlert Fall Detection System” href=”http://wp.me/p2kFiy-bm” target=”_blank”>Falling is the biggest threat to the elderly population.  Every year one-third of people age 65 and older suffer from falling accidents.  A simple fall can have devastating consequences causing serious injuries, even death.

fall_detectorMost Falls Take Place At Home
LifeCall ‘s FallAlert  is an ideal solution for reliable fall detection in partnership with our Medical Alert System.

A stylish, wireless fall detector, FallAlert functions both as a standard manual medical alert button and as a fall detection system. The system offers a comprehensive way of managing your risk of falling 24-hours-a-day.

If a fall is detected, a call is automatically dialed to our Emergency Response Center to open a two way communication to ensure user’s problem is handled properly and timely.

If there is no sudden movement or tilt from horizontal to vertical within 10 seconds after fall detection, an unconsciousness alarm will be raised, allowing the most appropriate action to be taken.

Built-In Medical Alert Button
The FallAlert  fall detector also has a medical alert button built into the pendant.  Even if the emergency is not a fall, the medical alert system can be activated.

The  FallAlert pendant is only available on a neck cord.  If you prefer a different style, you may wish to consider the standard LifeCall System with the wrist  button.

Consider the FallAlert™ benefits:


      • Smallest and most delicate fall detector on the market
      • Wear it in the shower where falls often occur. It’s waterproof!
      • Low battery detection
      • Use FallAlert to call for help from anywhere in or around your home.


    FallAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button if they need help.
    It is important that you and your caregiver choose the Personal Help Button most suitable for you.

    The FallAlert Pendant is only available on a neck cord, and must be worn on the outside of clothing. Wearers for whom this is a concern may wish to consider the standard LifeCall System with the Wrist style button.


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